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Start with truth, then manipulate it. This is where Ilene Gienger-Stanfield’s current painting style has evolved to after 20 years of artistic exploration.  Her unfettered compositions of people, places and things are powerful in design, accuracy, and thick passages of unique color. 

Gienger-Stanfield’s studio is in the hills of Southern Oregon where she holds weekly figurative session and teaches private lessons.  She has taught workshops nationwide and has signature status with American Impressionist Society, Pastel Society of America, Northwest Pastel Society and master signature status with Women Artists of the West.

Ilene’s first intensive studies were in portraiture where her sensitivity to capturing the character of her subjects honed her drawing skills.  Always open to learning she then began observing subjects in a more abstract thought process in regards to seeing only color shapes and how they fit together.  This observation of shapes led to a broader range of subjects such as still life, landscape and figurative.  Often Gienger-Stanfield does not know what she is painting, but instead only the shapes she is painting.  The last influential injection into Ilene’s current painting style was to strive for more original and clean color.   

The combination of these influences, drawing, shape, and color have led to a style that is “A space that is my own” quotes Gienger-Stanfield.  Her images are pared down to essentials and the viewer comes away with having viewed poetry in art. 



 The arts are a journey analogous to life.  In mind and body what we are in our youth we are no longer in our age.

On one’s path of life there is acquired knowledge that applied to our individual lives, will change our beliefs and practices.  If our lives are ever changing then, too, should be our art.

The challenge of executing a likeness of the subject with rhythmic pigment loaded pastels was utopia.  I thought I would forever be a consummate pastel portrait painter.  But, like life, the journey has presented me with knowledge andoptions to investigate including techniques, mediums, subjects, and creativity.   I crave this exploration and the excitement and inspiration that accompanies.  Currently I am enjoying the use of oils as well as pastels, various subjects, and the journey towards a more intuitive style.